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Rapid Saliva Alcohol Screening Test

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Rapid Saliva Alcohol Screening Test x 1
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Alcohol Test - Saliva test - Instant Result Test

This is a simple saliva test to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and so can provide an estimation of blood alcohol levels. This test can be of use if you want to know if you are safe to drive the morning after heavily drinking the night before


What is a unit of alcohol?


Alcoholic drinks come in different strengths and are measured as a % by volume. The higher the % marked on the label the stronger the drink will be. Alco pops often contain more alcohol than many beers, lager or cider.


A unit is equivalent to 8gms or 10ml (1cl) of pure alcohol. You can work out the exact number of units in a drink by multiplying the volume of the drink in ml by the %A.B.V. (% of alcohol by volume) and dividing it by 1000.


For example a 330ml can of lager with a 7% A.B.V. is 330x7 divided by 1000 = 2.3units


The following measures of drink all contain one unit of pure alcohol: -


  • Half a pint of ordinary strength lager/ beer/cider (3.5-4%A.B.V.) = 1 unit
  • A 25ml pub measure of a spirit (40%A.B.V.) = 1 unit
  • A small glass of wine (8-9%A.B.V.) = 1 unit


Other examples of units in different drinks: -


  • A 125ml glass of wine at 11-12% A.B.V. contains about 1.5 units.
  • A 330ml bottle of beer/lager/cider at 4-5% A.B.V. contains about 1.5 units.
  • A 330ml bottle of an alco pop at 4 or 6% A.B.V. contains 1.3 or 2 units respectively.
  • 1 pint of standard been or larger is 2 units
  • 1 pint of regular cider is 2.8 units


Remember drinks poured at home and parties are usually far more generous than those in pubs and clubs.


What is the legal drink drive limit?


The current legal limit for driving in the U.K. is 80milligrams of alcohol per 100millitres of blood, 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 ml of breath or 107 milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of urine.


The legal drink drive limit can't be safely converted into a certain number of units, as everyone absorbs alcohol into the blood stream at different rates. However, an average man (12-13 stone) should consume no more than 4 units and an average woman (9-10 stone) should consume no more than 3 units. If you are particularly small or have not eaten these figures should be reduced.


The only way to be sure you are not over the limit is not to drink at all if you are going to drive. Any amount of alcohol will affect your judgement, you will not be able to judge speed and distance accurately and your ability to react may be severely affected. Nearly 800 people in Britain die each year in road accidents involving drivers who are over the current legal limit.

How long does it take for alcohol to be out of my system?


Providing you have a healthy liver it will take one hour for your liver to remove one unit of alcohol. So if you drink heavily in the evening you may still be over the legal drink drive limit the following morning. Only time can remove alcohol from your blood stream - black coffee, cold showers and fresh air will not sober you up. If you want to know if you still have alcohol in your system try our alcohol test.


Alcohol and children


Young people see alcohol all around them, in supermarkets, off licenses, pubs, restaurants and on the T.V. They might also see their parents drinking alcohol and this can make it very difficult for them to see that misusing alcohol can be dangerous. Most children taste their first alcoholic drink between the ages of 10 and 13 usually at a family gathering such as a wedding. However, children still tend to go off and experiment drinking alcohol with their friends and because they are smaller they will be affected by alcohol much more quickly. As a result, young people are more likely to have an accident or get involved in a fight.

What to do in an emergency or if someone has drunk too much.


If you are with someone who has drunk too much, do not leave them to sleep it off alone as there is a risk of them choking on their own vomit. Make sure they sleep on their side and check regularly that they are breathing.


If they become unconscious, phone 999 straight away, place them in the recovery position (on their side), keep them warm but not too hot, check their breathing and remain with them until the ambulance arrives.


Alcohol and the law


It is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18, or for them to attempt to buy alcohol. The only exception is for 16 or 17 year olds having a meal in a restaurant where they can be bought a beer or cider, but not in a bar.


Police have the legal power to confiscate alcohol from anyone they know to be, or believe to be under the age of 18 and drinking in a public place


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