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Timesulin - compliance aid for diabetics on insulin
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Product Description

Timesulin - compliance aid for diabetics using insulin. Turn your insulin pen into a 'smart pen'

Timesulin is a replacement cap that turns any major insulin pen into a ‘smart pen’ with a built-in timer to show how long it’s been since the last insulin injection, helping people living with diabetes prevent accidental missed or double doses.

In order to purchase Timesulin you need to choose the correct cap for the correct insulin pen. Choose the correct insulin pen type (we have listed the insulin types it works with from the right below) to make sure you choose the correct one. There are three types of Timesulin:

Timesulin for Flexpen. Timesulin for Solostar. Timesulin for Kwikpen

Timesulin for Flexpen

Timesulin for FlexPen



Novolog Mix 70/30

Protaphane HM (ge)

Timesulin for Solostar

Timesulin for Sanofi Solostar



Timesulin for Kwikpen

Timesulin for Lilly KwikPen


Humalog 50/50
Timesulin for Lilly Humalog Mix 50/50
Humalog 75/25
Timesulin for Lilly Humalog Mix 75/25


What is the most useful feature of Timesulin?

Timesulin’s design incorporates an eight-second delay before the timer resets, allowing users to check their insulin pen levels without losing count of the amount of time since their last shot. In our research, the average insulin injection takes 16 seconds to administer which insures that only actual injections cause the timer to reset.

What Type of person uses Timesulin?

Timesulin is designed for people living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who treat their condition with insulin injections to administer their slow or fast acting insulin.

What benefit does Timesulin provide?

Timesulin takes the uncertainty out of knowing whether or not the last insulin injection was administered - and how long ago that was. With the timing of insulin administration being critical, Timesulin offers the person the security of knowing they administered their last shot, preventing them from dealing with the sudden onset of symptoms of high or low blood sugar levels.

What brand of pen does Timesulin work with?

Timesulin works with all the major pen brands:

Novo Nordisk Flexpen: Levemir, Novolog, Novolog Mix 70/30, Victoza, NovoRapid

Lilly Kwikpen: Humalog, Humalog Mix 75/25, Humalog 50/50

Sanofi-Aventis Solostar: Lantus, Apidra

Is Timesulin an insulin pen?

No. Timesulin is a replacement cap that works with your existing insulin pen to help you know for certain when you last took an insulin shot.

Is it easy to use the Timesulin cap?

It requires no change in habit and is simple enough for anyone to use requiring no programming or setup. It is simple, with no buttons to push, and no software to program.

Simply remove the standard plastic cap that your pen is issued with and replace with the Timesulin ‘smart cap’. Don’t change anything about the way you currently treat your insulin administration, simply add Timesulin!

Is Timesulin an alarm?

No. Timesulin will show you how long it’s been since you last took your insulin injection, thus helping to avoid missing your dose, or accidentally double dosing.

Does Timesulin tell me when to take my insulin injection?

No. Timesulin will show you how long it’s been since you last took your insulin injection, thus helping to avoid missing your dose, or double dosing.

Replace the insulin pen cap with a Timesulin cap

Discard or recycle the original cap that came with your insulin pen and replace it with the Timesulin smart cap after your next injection. Timesulin will start counting up from zero to show how much time has passed since the last injection.

Your Timesulin cap’s built-in battery will last for at least a year, making the cap reusable for that duration. After about a year, you will receive a visual reminder that your battery is running low and that it is time to replace your Timesulin cap with a new one.

How to read the Timesulin display

During everyday use, Timesulin shows how much time has passed since the last injection. For the first hour the display indicates how many minutes and seconds have passed in this format: MM:SS. You will know you are looking at MM:SS if you see the seconds counting up each second that passes.
After sixty minutes have passed, the timer will automatically switch to show how many hours and minutes have passed in this format: HH:MM

Your Timesulin timer counts up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

The Timesulin timer reset

Timesulin’s design incorporates an eight-second delay before the timer resets.The Timesulin timer will only reset when it has been off the insulin pen for more than 8 seconds (this allows you to do a quick check on insulin levels on your way out to dinner, for example, without resetting the timer).

In our research, the average insulin injection takes 16 seconds to administer, which ensures that only actual injections cause the timer to reset

Will Timesulin reset the timer if I check how much insulin is left?

Sometimes people take off the cap briefly to see how much insulin is left. If you remove your Timesulin cap for less than 8 seconds, you probably didn’t take an injection and the timer won’t reset.  If the cap is off for more than 8 seconds, Timesulin assumes you took an injection and the timer is reset.

The Timesulin battery life

The Timesulin cap’s built-in battery lasts for at least a year and is non-replaceable. One standard battery is guaranteed to last for a minimum of twelve months since first use. Approximately one month prior to the battery running out, the timer screen will start issuing visual alerts that power is running low, indicating that it is time to purchase a replacement.

 Part of the reason for including a non-replaceable battery is the fact that after a year of use, the plastic of your Timesulin cap will start wearing down, making the fit less tight and leaving room for error. By introducing a new Timesulin cap every year, we can ensure continuous safe usage for all Timesulin users.

Because of the battery, is the Timesulin Lid safe to be used with an insulin wallet?

Timesulin Lids can be used with insulin wallets. The one exception being the FRIO wallet as the FRIO wallet doesn't support electronics of any sort being inside. FRIO does however have a waterproofing case that looks promising, but this hasn’t been tested.

Do you have a product available for those who are treating their diabetes with medication other than insulin injections?

No. At the moment the Timesulin smart cap for insulin pens is the only product available. We are constantly working on new products to help improve the lives of people with diabetes.

Does Timesulin have the support and approval of any doctors, nurses or diabetes associations?

Yes. We have a number of leading caregivers in the international diabetes community who have put their names behind the Timesulin brand. You can see all the endorsements on our website.

Which authority approvals does Timesulin adhere to?

Timesulin has obtained a CE Mark as a Class 1 Medical Device


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http://www.timesulin.comTimesulin is smart timer-enabled replacement cap for your insulin pen that shows how long it's been since your last insulin shot to help avoid dangerous accidental double doses. Timesulin is compatible with all major pen brands and makes life with diabetes a little easier...There are no buttons to push and nothing to program. Simply add Timesulin to your existing routine and when you next get that anxious feeling about whether or not you've taken your insulin, glance at your Timesulin cap and you'll know.Because when you live with diabetes, timing is everything!

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    http://www.timesulin.comTimesulin is smart timer-enabled repla...

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  1. Essential item for diabetics 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2013

    Excellent item. Reminds me to take my next dose when I have busy days